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There are changes to the driving test being proposed in the next two years. Which of these do you think will make the biggest improvement to the nation's road safety record?

- Increasing the age of Learners to 18

- Introduce Motorway driving

- Introduce Satnav driving

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Posted on 2012-03-29 15:09:24

The City of London Road Safety team is holding a "Caring Driver" event from Monday16th - Friday 20th April in the Guildhall courtyard.
Open to all drivers, why not take the opportunity to have a free assessment of your driving with a City of London police officer and get some helpful feedback & pointers to keep you safe.
There will be three 3 cars (manual & auto) sponsored by Volvo to use.  Just bring along your licence.
To book a session email: or phone 020 7332 1234.

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